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Nightstand Books of March

It sounds so ominous… “The Nightstand Books of March.” Something about March… “Nightstand Books of February” just doesn’t have that same sort of eerie finality to it. “March.” Maybe it’s just me… but March always seems to carry more weight than other months. March. How is it March already? And now I’ve lost you. I know,… Read more »

Nightstand Books: February 2015

Well, here I am trying to resurrect some of the memes that had to get put by the wayside when little Brantland was born and I wasn’t sure how much blogging I was going to be able to do right away. I am super excited for this month’s Nightstand Books post for several reasons. 1)… Read more »


And it’s finally September! This is exciting because the Little Guy’s due-date is just two and a half short weeks away, (just a head’s up… you might see the blog posts become a bit more scarce for a while this month and next. I plan to continue blogging as much as possible, but I am… Read more »


I know, the first Wednesday of the month is tomorrow. But I’m doing Nightstand Books a day early because the whole countdown deal thing for King’s Warrior starts tomorrow, so I shifted my week a bit. Anyway, without further ado, my nightstand this month: Yes, that is a chocolate muffin and a glass of milk…. Read more »