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Nightstand Books: February 2015

Well, here I am trying to resurrect some of the memes that had to get put by the wayside when little Brantland was born and I wasn’t sure how much blogging I was going to be able to do right away. I am super excited for this month’s Nightstand Books post for several reasons. 1)… Read more »


And it’s finally September! This is exciting because the Little Guy’s due-date is just two and a half short weeks away, (just a head’s up… you might see the blog posts become a bit more scarce for a while this month and next. I plan to continue blogging as much as possible, but I am… Read more »


I know, the first Wednesday of the month is tomorrow. But I’m doing Nightstand Books a day early because the whole countdown deal thing for King’s Warrior starts tomorrow, so I shifted my week a bit. Anyway, without further ado, my nightstand this month: Yes, that is a chocolate muffin and a glass of milk…. Read more »


It is the first Wednesday of a new month, and therefore it is also time for another rendition of Nightstand Books! I’ve been reading a lot this year, more than the past two years. I’ve actually already completed my 20-books-in-2014 self-challenge over on Goodreads (and, no, that is not counting all the books I read… Read more »