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SIX DEGREES: From Lucy to Willow

Welcome back to another rendition of Six Degrees of Kool Books! This is an original theme created by myself and DJ Edwardson. If you want to play along you can learn more about how this game works HERE. Last week, DJ posted about characters from Treasure Island, but none of those characters sparked a connection… Read more »

SIX DEGREES: from Buttercup to Una

I’m sorry for the silence last week. Ever since the so-called “upgrade,” I have felt like my blog has its hands tied behind its back – and in some ways, that its blogger has her hands tied behind her back… and it’s extremely hard to write when that is the case.. I will get back… Read more »


Good afternoon, dear Readers. I am happy to announce that I actually finished all but one of my April Nightstand Books (not that that is in any way a requirement of the game!) – and quite a few others besides. I went on a Middle Grade kick with titles such as “The Princess Curse,” “Handbook… Read more »

SIX DEGREES: From Lucie Manette to Marguerite St. Just

Well, Tuesday has come again and this one was a lot harder for me. Possibly because, although I know the story of TALE OF TWO CITIES well, I’ve never made it all the way through the book. (I did listen to the entire audio book, but I’m afraid I didn’t pay extremely close attention). It’s… Read more »