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SIX DEGREES: From Gabriel Utterson to Jonathan Harker

Welcome to my last entry in the exciting game of Six Degrees of Kool Books… at least, for a while. With the impending arrival of baby #3, I fear that I will have to take a short hiatus from some of my more regularly scheduled blog posts for a while. I am not sure when… Read more »


And it’s finally September! This is exciting because the Little Guy’s due-date is just two and a half short weeks away, (just a head’s up… you might see the blog posts become a bit more scarce for a while this month and next. I plan to continue blogging as much as possible, but I am… Read more »

SIX DEGREES: From Augray to Sherlock

Good morning, folks! We’re back once again with another round of Six Degrees of Kool Books! This is a game anyone can play – all you have to do is pick a character that I describe in the post below who reminds you of a character in a different book, and then write up a… Read more »