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Nightstand Books for a New Year

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope your 2015 ended pleasantly and that you rang in the New Year with enthusiasm and gusto! I am hoping to do a “looking back at 2015 – looking ahead to 2016″ type post in the near future, but events are unfolding faster than I can keep up with, so… Read more »

Last Nightstand Books of the Year

I cannot believe it is already December. Can you? November fairly flew past, and it’s a shame, because I really love November. It’s my favorite. But a new month means new books, so let’s dive into this month’s nightstand offerings, shall we? It’s actually a pretty short list this month. On the bottom there we… Read more »

Ah Sweet November

I’m not sure where November went. It kind of passed by in a blur that was a mixture of activity and restfulness. Since I happen to have a few minutes, I thought I’d do an “Ishness” post to celebrate the ending of the month and in an attempt to jump-start myself back into posting on… Read more »