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Six Degrees: From Ivan to Dr. John Dee

Good morning and welcome back for another installment of Six Degrees! Last week, DJ introduced us to the Brothers Karamazov. In that post, he talked about one of the brothers, Ivan, whom he described as “cool and collected and someone who is rather fond of himself. He seems perpetually to be in control and he likes… Read more »

Six Degrees: From Agnes to Annette

Good morrow to you, dear Reader. I apologize for last week’s absence and the unexpected break from the Six Degrees game! We had family come to town and so we had Spring Break early. Last week, DJ posted about a marvelous sounding tale by George MacDonald. In it, he told us about a shepherd girl named… Read more »

Six Degrees: From Edmond Dantes to Bran ap Brychan

Welcome back to another round of Six Degrees of Kool Books! If you want to play, please reference THIS POST for instructions. Last week, DJ posted about the characters in The Count of Monte Cristo, a novel which, sadly, I have never read. However, I have seen the movie, and have been meaning to get… Read more »

Six Degrees: From Gagool to Iago

Greetings and salutations, dear Reader! I hope you missed it, because Six Degrees of Kool Books is back and better than ever! For those of you just joining us, Six Degrees is an original meme created by DJ Edwardson and myself. It is an exercise of distinct literary nature, in which someone describes a set… Read more »