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Evening at The Ruby

One of the most fun things we did while on our Thanksgiving vacation was getting to go see my sister, Brittany Jean, perform in concert in Chelan, WA. The place where she performed is an old theater called The Ruby Theater, which is an old stage theater that has been converted into a movie theater…. Read more »

Brittany Jean and the Bates-Ford Talent Search

  Hello, dear Reader! Today I have a special update/announcement for you. My sister, the talented singer/songwriter, Brittany Jean got to drive from Washington State down to Nashville back in May as part of the Bates-Ford Talent Search. She was one of 20 contestants and got to perform Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” live on national radio. She… Read more »

Music Monday: Marvelous Mandolins

Editing has gotten back into full swing, and that means I have more music to share with you. Because of the point I’m at in Minstrel’s Call right now, things have gotten rather intense… and a lot of the story revolves around a certain minstrel we all know and love… which means I’ve been listening… Read more »

Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who shared and voted last week for King’s Warrior during the Cover Wars over at authorshout! We didn’t win, but we made a fantastic run of it. To show our appreciation, some of our talented Stormcave team created a beautiful “Behind the Scenes” peek for all of you into… Read more »