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Merry Christmas: a 2016 Recap

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope you are all having a lovely week and having fun getting ready for Christmas this weekend. I am a bit surprised that Henry Fairchild hasn’t made an appearance this week, I figured that he was planning something kind of extravagant for the holiday season, but we haven’t heard a… Read more »

Black Friday Sale 2016

Hello there, dear Reader! I hope you are having a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday! I just wanted to pop over really quickly and share with you that a bunch of us Indie Christian Authors are having a cooperative Black Friday Sale this year! All three of the books in my trilogy will be part of a countdown… Read more »

Beautiful Books: Novel Update

Pleased to be participating in the lovely Beautiful Books meme hosted by  Cait and Skye. And before the very end of the month, too! What? This month is focused on “how is the writing going?” So, since I’ve actually been getting rather a lot of writing done, though not Nano-numbers, I figured I’d grab the questions… Read more »