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First Lines

Is there anything more exciting than picking up your pen and writing the first line of a new book? Is there anything more enchanting than opening the cover of a book and reading that first line? First lines are oftentimes the words upon which we judge the entire reading experience. They draw us in or… Read more »

Writing Fight Scenes and An Interview

Good morning, dear Readers! No post here on my blog today, but don’t leave just yet, because if you want to read something from me today, you just need to click on the links below! Over at Katy Huth Jones’ site I am being interviewed on the topic of juggling the author life with being a… Read more »

Merry Christmas: a 2016 Recap

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope you are all having a lovely week and having fun getting ready for Christmas this weekend. I am a bit surprised that Henry Fairchild hasn’t made an appearance this week, I figured that he was planning something kind of extravagant for the holiday season, but we haven’t heard a… Read more »