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KING’S WARRIOR is FREE on Kindle today through Sunday! Spread the word!  

FREE Easter Weekend

Have a Kindle? An iPad with a Kindle App? A computer with a Kindle app? Well, mark your calendars, because King’s Warrior is going to be FREE all this weekend: Friday, March 29th – Sunday, March 31st on Kindle, in celebration of the soon-to-be-released SECOND SON later this Spring/early this Summer! Tell your friends and… Read more »


I’m not gonna lie. There are days when throwing in the towel on this whole writing business can seem pretty attractive. In the world of publishing, nothing ever happens quickly, and none of it is easy. Even the days when the words practically flow straight from your brain onto the page can be a bit… Read more »

Is Your Book “Christian Fiction”?

No. And yes. No, my book is Fantasy Fiction. It is neither an allegory, nor was it written intentionally to be a witnessing or evangelizing tool, nor was it written only for other Christians. The story is first and foremost an adventure tale. It is first and foremost a story, written to entertain.