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I am beyond thrilled to announce to you, dear Reader, that the painting for Second Son’s cover is complete! [commence fireworks and dancing] The next steps are: making sure the colors all look the way they’re supposed to once the painting has been scanned, and adding graphics such as title, author’s name, barcode box, etc…. Read more »


And here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for all week! The map of Aom-igh! This is the map that goes with the first book: King’s Warrior. 98% of the story in King’s Warrior occurs inside the borders of Aom-igh, and a tiny bit, maybe 2% occurs on Roalthae, that little island country to… Read more »


So, what exactly IS Second Son? Prequel or sequel? Well, actually, it’s kind of both. I wrote King’s Warrior first. When I finished that story, I realized that there were many unknowns about Brant that could make a very interesting story if I delved into his past. Thus, Second Son was born. Prequel or Sequel:… Read more »


Last week, I ran a Kindle Free Promotion on King’s Warrior. This is the third time I’ve done this, but it’s the first time I really, truly, worked hard at getting the news out and doing it “the right way.” Today’s post is just to let you all know how it went. First of all,… Read more »