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Proof Copy

My proof copy will be here by Wednesday!!! (it actually shipped TODAY… so it might even get here sooner)

Series Name part 2

Okay, a few of you have had a hard time finding the poll I put up on my fanpage. So, here are the options I threw out there. (And again, alternate options are welcomed!) 1. The Minstrel’s Song 2. The Second Son Prophecies 3. Forging the Great King 4. The Sword and Mandolin Chronicles 5…. Read more »

Series Name

Over on my facebook fanpage I am running a “vote” of sorts for name for the series of books that I have written. Originally the titles for the four books were:1. The Dragon’s Eye2. Dawn of the Dragon’s Eye3. Twilight of the Dragon’s Eye4. The Minstrel I am in the final stages of editing/cover design… Read more »


Of course, a few days AFTER I post my pictures of who I think could play the characters in my book, inspiration strikes! We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last week, and it struck me thatAstrid Berges-Frisbey looks far more like the Kamarie I’ve always pictured than Bonnie Wright. For… Read more »