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Second Son Read Along: Chapter 20

It really feels like we’re getting into the home stretch on this book! I hope that you are enjoying the story and the characters. But don’t get too comfortable yet, there’s still some adventure to be had before we reach the final chapter… Arnaud’s first day as king… The previous day has taken its toll… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 19

Welcome back to the read-along! How’s it going? Was the unexpected break last week kind of nice? I know it was kind of nice for me, actually, it let me get all my fantasy month posts written up and scheduled so that I could spend more time focusing on the read-along posts! On the road… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 18

I hope you are enjoying February is Fantasy Month! Today we join Brant and Arnaud as they travel home and have to tell Aunt Euphie and Uncle Barr about the results of the Naming Ceremony. Let’s go find out what they’re up to! Kiernan Kane He’s kind of been popping up all over the place… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 17

Good morning! I am feeling much better this week, and hope you are all doing well. February is Fantasy Month got off to an awesome start on Friday and I couldn’t be more pleased with how well it’s going so far. Make sure to check the pinned post for the schedule to see which blogs… Read more »