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Good morning, dear Reader. I have some exciting news about King’s Warrior and Second Son. Now that both are available on Kindle, I thought it might be a good idea to participate in one of Amazon’s new Count Down Dealios. So, consider this your fair warning! I spent a good amount of time at the… Read more »


Remember back in March I promised to tell you more about Yorien’s Hand and what this story will be about? And then I never did? Partially that was because I wanted to finish editing the actual book, and partially that was to allow people to have a chance to actually read Second Son first. I feel… Read more »


Just a short little additional post this morning (a bit later we’ll have Ashlee Willis over for a book spotlight, as her book THE WORD CHANGERS is going live in paperback today!) But there’s some big news here in the Stormcave as well! I am so pleased and excited to announce that SECOND SON is… Read more »

“I don’t suppose you could a-speed a-things up?”

What, my friends, is the quickest way to fall behind on blogging? Tell the world when you plan to blog. Wednesday morning came and went, and I just wasn’t quite up for talking about heroes today. I mean, I love heroes, and that’s part of the problem. My plan of a single blog post suddenly… Read more »