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I really, really, really had hoped that Second Son would be available by now. Long before now, actually. However, CreateSpace is still being bratty about printing my cover correctly, so we keep trying things. I’ve ordered two rounds of proof copies thus far, and am now waiting on round 3. I promise, as SOON as… Read more »


Well, hello there, dear Reader! I do apologize for the silence that fell over here the past couple of weeks. The second round of proof copies is coming this Friday, and I’m hoping that everything looks good and we’ll be able to go ahead and push the “approve” button, but we’ll just have to wait… Read more »


So, as you saw in yesterday’s post, the proof copy of SECOND SON arrived. However, in the printing process something went seriously funky with the text on the cover: Obviously, that is not how it is supposed to look. Oddly enough, the text on the spine (which is exactly the same, just smaller) turned out… Read more »


Good morning, dear Readers! First of all, I am sorry this post did not go out on Monday as planned. The weekend was crazy, and then I thought maybe I’d get it finished late, but I spent most of Monday sacked out on the couch feeling extremely unwell. I’m better now. I hope you all… Read more »