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Second Son Read Along: Chapter 16

Good afternoon! Can I just quickly take a moment to let you know about a super awesome giveaway I’m participating in? It’s How to Train Your Dragon-themed and we’re giving away a TON of HTTYD swag! The original soundtrack on CD, the blu-ray of the first 2 movies, a plush nightfury AND a plush lightfury,… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 15

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It snowed here last night (FINALLY!!) and later this week we’re supposed to hit windchills of -40 to -50 degrees! (But hey, all the creepy-crawlies around here are all well and truly dead… so that’s a plus)! Remember, this is the last full week of read-along posts because… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 14 & Interlude

Have you forgiven me yet? No? Fair enough. But we’ve still got half a book to get through, and I promise, there are… um… even sadder things coming. But some happy ones, too. King Stiorne and Jhasen As the chapter opens, the king has regained a little strength, but he fears that he will never… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 13

Warning: There are some spoilers in today’s post, so I highly recommend reading the chapter BEFORE continuing any further in this blog post! Seamas Begins Plotting Upon learning that his brother might, in fact, be alive, Seamas begins walking down a dark path. Throughout his life, Seamas has always had two paths before him. Yes, he’s had… Read more »