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Second Son Read Along: Chapter 12

How’s everyone doing with the read along? Keeping up? Already done? Struggling and getting behind? Remember that we’re going to slow down a bit in February – only getting new chapter posts on M/W/F to leave room for some February is Fantasy Month posts, so don’t worry if you’re getting behind, you can use the extra… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 11

Chellayn: a city of beauty I originally pulled the inspiration for the look and feel of this city from my experience visiting Chartres, France when I was in high school. Except that Chartres is not a harbor-city, so it doesn’t have exactly the same look and feel as what I picture Chellayn being. (image found… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 10

Happy Monday, dear Reader! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you see the eclipse last night? I missed it due to a time-zone confusion… and am totally bummed out about it. But, reading always cheers me up, so let’s do that! Rhoyan’s escape Dru apparently wasn’t lying when he told Rhoyan not to worry about… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 9

Here we are in chapter 9 already! Don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind a bit or are just getting started, because tomorrow is the weekend (huzzah!) and that means no posts in the read-along until Monday. We’ll slow down even more when we get to February, since the read-along will be sharing time with the… Read more »