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Turrim Archive Snippets

As promised, here are a few snippets from my current Work-in-Progress, book #2 of the Turrim Archive. In no particular order: It was silent to all but one, the snapping of the bonds, the whirlwind of power, the sudden strength returned to its rightful place. Uun bolted upright in his bed as his full power… Read more »

Update from Camp

Just wanted to pop in and give y’all an update from Camp Nanowrimo. This is the first year I’ve ever participated in Camp Nano, and it’s been a lot of fun! I’ve been in a “cabin” with a bunch of authors from the Clean Indie Reads group, so it’s been fun to see how everyone… Read more »

Beautiful People: Marik

I am trying to be a bit more on top of things this month, I saw that Beautiful People questions are up for July and wanted to tell you a bit about the second main character in The Orb and the Airship. His name is Marik, and he’s from the opposite side of the map from Grayden…. Read more »

All the Writing Projects

As my month-long hiatus from writing comes to a close, I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about what’s on the horizon in terms of where my writing is headed next. (Many thanks to Deborah @ Road of a Writer for the inspiration). What’s on my plate, what am I… Read more »