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News and Updates

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope you had a lovely week. I just got back from vacation, all the way on the other side of the country! Brantland and I went to Washington (state) to visit family and do some Stormcave work. We got a little bit of video footage for a super-secret project we’re working… Read more »

Character Encounter: Seren

Today I am participating in Kendra’s marvelous Character Encounters blog link-up! We were supposed to meet a character at a playground, and were informed that it would be even better if we could work in a train. Luckily, we have a huge park near my house that has a kiddie train that circles the park,… Read more »

When Plans Go Awry

I had planned on doing a review of the movie Maleficent today. Hopefully I’ll get around to it later this week. You see, I have been struggling rather a lot with my latest novel (title pending). It is the sequel to The Orb and the Airship, which is my fantasy/pirate/sci-fi-ish adventure story, for those of you… Read more »

Beautiful Books Link-up #1

Today I am participating in this “Beautiful Books” link-up for writers – you can read more about this link-up and its creators by clicking on that button above. (I’m a tad bit late to the party, as this was supposed to be a post for October… but I’m hoping nobody minds too much)! I’m not… Read more »