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Writing Fight Scenes and An Interview

Good morning, dear Readers! No post here on my blog today, but don’t leave just yet, because if you want to read something from me today, you just need to click on the links below! Over at Katy Huth Jones’ site I am being interviewed on the topic of juggling the author life with being a… Read more »

Ishness for a New Year

Thought I should actually get a January edition of an Ishness post up on time for once! Reading Finished this with my kiddos and absolutely loved it. Really a very good book, lots of good historical information, but a fun fictional romp, as well. A lot of emotions in this story, and the end is… Read more »

Plans for the Blog 2017

It is snowing. Not just here on my blog, but for real outside my window. And that makes me happy. But the beautiful, sparkly flakes of snow flurrying outside my window are neither here nor there, really. Wherever you are, I hope the view through your window thrills your heart as much as my current… Read more »