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Christmas in July – Cover Reveal Help Wanted!

I’ve been a bit quiet about my big publishing goal for 2019. Partially because I’m trying a different strategy with this book, and partially because I wasn’t sure it would actually happen on schedule, and partially because it’s a little “off brand” for me. However, the time has now come to start announcing that… actually…… Read more »

April in Wisconsin

Super weird and kinda awesome weather out my windows this morning. Like the sky can’t quite make up its mind what it wants to be, or is throwing a temper-tantrum. From the swirling, eerily colored yellowish-gray clouds above, first heavy flakes of snow drift gently down, but then it turns to sleet for a while and… Read more »

#IndieApril My Journey

This is not a normal “recap of last month” adventures & episodes post… but I feel like it falls under the umbrella of that particular blogging category of mine, seeing as how I am about to recount to you a kind of lengthy and ongoing adventure upon which I have traversed over the past seven… Read more »