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Remembering our Fallen Heroes

In the midst of grilling out, playing outside with your families, and enjoying a long weekend… please take a sober moment to reflect on the reason for this day of remembrance. May we never forget. Have a blessed Memorial Day.

When God Seems Silent

Every now and then, I write something that isn’t fantasy. It’s rare and strange, I know. A few months ago, the worship director at my church asked me to write a skit for Easter. Today, I got some heartbreaking news about a friend who lost her baby in a late-term miscarriage, and my heart is… Read more »

Dream Reading Space

I was asked recently if I could write a post about my dream-reading space. Sounds like fun, how hard can it be? Whenever I think about the ideal reading space, it always looks a little something like this in my head: With maybe a little stream running nearby. Or perhaps something like this: But then I… Read more »