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Baby Name Brackets Round 2

I completely forgot to post this earlier this week!!! I am so sorry! I posted it on facebook, but didn’t get around to putting it up on the blog. Here are the names that have moved on to round 2 in the Great Baby Name Bracket Game:

February Ishness

We are a little ways into March now, but it’s not too terribly late for an Ishness post… right? I mean, February clearly deserves one! (Ishness is a monthly blogging meme created by the amazing and talented Deborah O’Carroll over at Road of a Writer) Writing I wrote 11,847 words on Turrim Archive book 2… Read more »

Baby Name Guessing Game

Good morning, dear Readers! Well, we have said “farewell” to February, and a mighty fun month it was. I’m still blown away by how many people participated and added links and wrote stories! Thanks again for helping make it a memorable celebration! Now it’s time to March forward. *grin* Yes, that was on purpose. I… Read more »