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Well, because he REALLY didn’t want to miss the Cubs’ opening day yesterday… that last bracket round is a super short one. Introducing our newest little hero:    

Baby Name Brackets Round 4

We are getting down to the wire here with these names. How are your picks looking? So close… but which combination will it be? Only time will tell! The final name will be revealed when the Little Buddy makes his grand arrival! This round was extremely difficult to narrow down. As I’ve said, every name on… Read more »

Baby Name Brackets Round 3

Okay, I’m a bit more on top of things this week! It is time for….. (drumroll, please)….. Baby Name Brackets ROUND THREE! The competition is getting pretty intense around here… with only 4 first names and 4 middle names left as contenders. Which two names will earn that spot of glory in the middle? Only… Read more »