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When God Seems Silent

Every now and then, I write something that isn’t fantasy. It’s rare and strange, I know. A few months ago, the worship director at my church asked me to write a skit for Easter. Today, I got some heartbreaking news about a friend who lost her baby in a late-term miscarriage, and my heart is… Read more »

Dream Reading Space

I was asked recently if I could write a post about my dream-reading space. Sounds like fun, how hard can it be? Whenever I think about the ideal reading space, it always looks a little something like this in my head: With maybe a little stream running nearby. Or perhaps something like this: But then I… Read more »

Rodeo Roundup of April Ishness

April is over, and what a month it’s been! Thought I’d get a jump on things and actually post an Ishness before we’re halfway into May already! Ha! Lifeing Well, the big exciting thing that happened at the beginning of the month and then has taken over our lives for the past several weeks was this little… Read more »