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I was going to title this “Top Five Favorite Book Quotes” but then I realized that I can’t pick just five. This will be a topic I have to come back to upon occasion, because there are far too many quotes that I love to pick just five! But for today, here are five of… Read more »

"I am not the real Dread Pirate Roberts"

Oh how my grandmother would have smiled had she been here. I am told that she was the sort of person who would go grocery shopping, strike up a conversation with a total stranger, and then invite them back to her house for tea (and possibly oreos). I am not an extrovert, in that respect… Read more »

Things That Will Make Your Day

As an author, especially a self-published, debut author just getting started in the world of marketing and promoting your books, sometimes it can feel like a thankless job. Sure there’s the intrinsic motivation to write because it’s what you love to do, and sure there’s the satisfaction you get when you finish a story or… Read more »

You Are Trapped in a Cave, Facing a Fire-Breathing Dragon…

… you have a plate of steaming spaghetti, a chess board missing all the rooks, two pieces of string, and a metal ruler. What do you do? That is one of the questions I was asked for an author interview. If you’d like to read my answer, you can do so by clicking here. Also,… Read more »