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As an author you have to develop a thick skin. One of my recommendations to young/new authors just getting started is: Learn to accept criticism and negative reviews. The sooner you can do this, the better your writing will be for it and the sooner you can move on into becoming a “real” author. Until… Read more »

Blogger Review

I have taken part in a couple of various “blogger review” programs, and decided that I should host my own version of it. A few days ago I posted on my fan-page that I had 10 copies of my book available for free to the first 10 people to email me their address at… Read more »


Blogger has changed its user interface all around, and I got behind on my blogging, and now I’m getting even more behind because I have to learn how to use blogger all over again, hence the lack of posting in the past week-ish. I still have posts coming about:“Why the Fantasy Genre?”and“Do you come up… Read more »

Upcoming Posts

Next week I will be posting a sort of FAQ series. Questions that I often get asked about my books, and my answers. Included in the series will be questions such as: “What is your book about?”“Will my child like your books?”“Is it age-appropriate for my ______ year old?”“What is your target audience?”“Why the fantasy… Read more »