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Upcoming Posts

Next week I will be posting a sort of FAQ series. Questions that I often get asked about my books, and my answers. Included in the series will be questions such as: “What is your book about?”“Will my child like your books?”“Is it age-appropriate for my ______ year old?”“What is your target audience?”“Why the fantasy… Read more »

He Whistles for the Cricket

I’m not sure where to categorize this: sort of a “featured artist” post I guess.  Today’s post is about one of my all-time favorite books: He Whistles for the Cricket by Gwen Walker (my grandma). My Grandma Walker wrote a book (yes, I come by my writing skills honestly) before she died called “He Whistles… Read more »

Where in the World Wednesday

Nothing new to report on the book front today… I am hoping that soon I will have an announcement about the book going to the printer for a proof-copy! And maybe I’ll post a preview of the new cover soon, would you like that? Or would you rather I wait until the book is available… Read more »

No featured Friday…

Well, I didn’t get any bites this week for a Featured Artist Friday… so… I guess no blog post today.