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I had come across the title for this book on goodreads, oddly enough. A group I’m in was reading it, but the waiting list at the library was at least 12 miles long, so I didn’t manage to get my hands on it in time to participate in the discussion. However, I still wanted to… Read more »

ENDER’S GAME: Book Review

In my last Ender post, I talked a little bit about the fact that I enjoy the “Shadow” series more than the “Ender” series. So I thought I’d start out by explaining what I meant by that. Technically, there is just one series – the order goes like this: Ender’s Game Speaker for the Dead… Read more »

ENDER’S GAME: the upcoming movie

I read Ender’s Shadow first. I didn’t know it was a part of series. I still think Ender’s Shadow is better than Ender’s Game… and I just prefer the entire “Shadow” series to the “Ender” series. More on that later. I first read Ender’s Shadow (and then all the rest of the books that were… Read more »


This took a little while to get into. Yet another 1st person perspective following a teenage girl. This girl, however, actually has some traits to recommend her, other than an aptitude for getting into dangerous situations (she’s pretty good at that, too). Neryn is a girl with abilities that could get her killed. It sort… Read more »