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Dragon’s Curse: Book Review

Sometimes I am really good at writing reviews for books that I read and think, “I need to review that.” And other times… well… I read Dragon’s Curse by H.L. Burke over a year ago… and am just now getting around to talking about it. Sometimes reviews are just daunting to write. However, I want… Read more »

A Wish Made of Glass

The end of 2016 saw me reading a lot of shorter fantasy stories, novellas, really. Which was fun, and allowed me to actually finish some of the books that had been piling up on my TBR (to be read) stack. As an added bonus, all of them were also extremely enjoyable, and A Wish Made of… Read more »

Draven’s Light

The Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl have quickly become some of my all-time favorite books in the past couple of years. I own many of them and have reviewed almost all of them (you can find the links on my Recommended Reads page). I was saddened to hear recently that she is temporarily… Read more »