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Another beautiful discovery brought about by the Fellowship of Fantasy book club, Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia has become an instant new favorite. Fall into a truly fantastical world full of volcanic islands and airships and dragons. Meet Hualiama “Lia” for short, the royal ward with no knowledge of her parentage, but who secretly dreams of… Read more »

The Firethorn Crown

Lea Doue’s The Firethorn Crown is a novel I’ve been wanting to read since I first saw the cover and heard that the premise was loosely based on the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. That is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales, and one of the less-well-known ones, so it is always fun to find… Read more »

Dragon’s Curse: Book Review

Sometimes I am really good at writing reviews for books that I read and think, “I need to review that.” And other times… well… I read Dragon’s Curse by H.L. Burke over a year ago… and am just now getting around to talking about it. Sometimes reviews are just daunting to write. However, I want… Read more »