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White Wolf and the Ash Princess

After taking a couple of months off from the book club, it was a lot of fun to jump back in for the September read of “White Wolf and the Ash Princess” by Tammy Lash. I have to start out by saying that this was not at all anything like what I was expecting. I… Read more »

Castle Behind Thorns

I thought I had reviewed these before, but I can’t find them, so I guess I never actually got around to writing the reviews! So today, in addition to reviewing the book I just finished, I am giving two mini-reviews. Three for the price of one! I discovered Merrie Haskell a couple of years ago, and… Read more »

Alora: The Wander Jewel

I got rather behind on my reading for the Fellowship of Fantasy Book Club this summer. But I finally read and finished the book for June. This one was a fun, easy read. But while it did hold my attention, it didn’t quite make it up onto my list of favorites. I liked this story…. Read more »

Mountains of Books

Saw the idea for this post over at Zac’s Blog, and promptly decided to steal it! There is a singular difficulty in the life of a book-wyrm. If you are a fellow voracious reader, you already know what this problem is, and while your problem will be unique to you, it is also in many… Read more »