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Favorite Family Films: Ladyhawke

All growing up as far back as I can remember, my family had a regular “Family Night” on Friday nights. It was simple, this Family night. Often we referred to it as “movie night” because that’s generally what we did. We watched a movie and ate pizza, maybe had popcorn or dessert, and then when the… Read more »

Doctor Strange: Movie Review

Superheroes most definitely fall within the Sci-fi — Fantasy spectrum, wouldn’t you say? Which is why I have chosen to include my review of Doctor Strange on the blog this month. Particularly as this movie leans more towards fantasy than most of the other Marvel movies do… what with wizards and magic and all. As… Read more »

Rogue One – Spoiler Free Review

Sorry it’s so late in the day. I meant to type this up over the weekend, but got a little side-tracked. Disclaimer: I said it would be a spoiler-free review. And it will be, for the movie Rogue One. However, I am going to assume that most people reading this are already familiar with the… Read more »