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Meet the Team Tuesday: Brittany

Today’s team member is also related to me… because you couldn’t tell from the picture… Brittany is my sister, and perhaps the biggest fan I have. I know she has read all four of my books far more times than I have, and if she were to become a teacher and give a class on… Read more »

Meet the Team Tuesday: Grant

Today’s team member is my other brother, Grant. I cannot even count the number of times this guy has sent me an encouraging letter or note at exactly the moment I needed it, or the number of times I was ready to just give up on writing altogether and he has said something encouraging or… Read more »

Meet the Team Tuesday: Evan

Today’s team member is my brother, Evan. He has had many roles throughout the process of my novel’s life. He was among my first audience as I wrote the book and our dad would read it out loud to the entire family each night. He and Grant, my other brother, gave me helpful advice throughout… Read more »