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Meet the Team Tuesday: Evan

Today’s team member is my brother, Evan. He has had many roles throughout the process of my novel’s life. He was among my first audience as I wrote the book and our dad would read it out loud to the entire family each night. He and Grant, my other brother, gave me helpful advice throughout… Read more »

Meet the Team Tuesday: Shannon

This wonderful lady is not only one of my best friends, but she is also my second editor, my self-proclaimed publicist, and one of my biggest fans. I cannot edit my own writing. I just can’t. I miss too many things, because my brain fills in what is supposed to be there, and that makes… Read more »

Meet the Team Tuesday: Derek

  There would definitely be no writing done in this house if I did not have my husband on my team. Not only does he encourage me to keep writing, challenge me to write new things, and generally support all my dreams of someday being a well-known author… he also helps me with certain technical… Read more »

Meet the Team Tuesday: Angelina

Apparently I need to do a better job taking pictures of people by themselves, most of my pictures have multiple people in them. Anyway, today’s meet the team post is about my cover artist! This gal is just so talented! I can’t wait to post pictures of the finished cover (coming soon!!!) I asked her… Read more »