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Exploring Middle Earth: Why do we love it so much?

How do you talk about world building and NOT start with Middle Earth? Well, you might be able to, but I cannot. You all know I love Tolkien. But while I could go on and on and on about characters and plot and various other things, today we are going to focus in specifically on… Read more »

February is Fantasy Month: World Building

Welcome, dear Reader! I hope you are enjoying Fantasy Month so far! Our focus this month is world building, and to get started, let’s talk a little bit about world building, shall we? What is it? And why should we care about it? Well, from an author’s viewpoint (particularly a fantasy author), world building gives… Read more »

Earl’s Dilemma: Published at Havok!

I have a new piece of flash fiction published over at Havok today and I’d LOVE for you to read it! If you don’t have a membership, today is the ONLY day you’ll be able to read this story FOR FREE! This month’s theme focuses on DYNAMIC DUOS and so I decided to write another piece… Read more »