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As promised, my post about the secret to getting a lot of attention simply by including “Boromir” in your post. It is no secret that I love Boromir. I love him in the movies (it helps that he’s played by Sean Bean, of course, who is one of my favorite actors, despite almost always playing either… Read more »


One reader asked the following question, and I’m going to address it today: Do fantasy books need crazy, unpronounceable names? How do you come up with yours? What are the meanings behind your names? Did any of the characters go through different names until you came up with “the right one”? Before I get started,… Read more »


Hello, Dear Reader. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on character-building. I’ve had a lot of fun talking about different types of characters and some of the things an author can do to help a character pop off the page a bit. We’ve covered back-story, getting started, heroes, and tragic figures, as well as an… Read more »


This character-building information is all very well, but what is an author to do when his or her characters simply won’t behave? I can’t answer this in any sort of all-inclusive way, so please, do not expect me to! However, I can give you a few tips and tricks to make your life easier. I… Read more »