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Every good hero needs a villain. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the villain is often even more important than the hero in a story. Does every story need a “big bad”? No. But if your story does need one, he or she has got to be impressive, or your hero/heroine will… Read more »


Today’s meet the character Monday post is about another character who ended up with a lot more time in the spotlight than I intended. (Can I just be honest here and admit that nothing I write ever turns out the way I mean for it to?) My characters are a far too unruly pack of… Read more »


Today’s “meet the character” post is a little different. First, because these are some of the villains from my current work in progress. Second, because I’m simply going to share with you some of the notes I jotted down when I first began contemplating these characters. I like to write up descriptions and a little… Read more »