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Music Monday

Hello and welcome to the first ever Music Monday here on the ol’ blog. I’m not sure this will be a super recurring sort of thing, but it’s Monday, and I’m posting about music… so… there you have it. I’ve shared here and there little snippets about Kiernan Kane and the inspiration behind his character. Most of… Read more »

March Ishness

March marched on… and April snuck up on me unawares. Thankfully, we have a remedy for that. It’s called ISHNESS! A meme created by Deborah O’Carroll over at Road of a Writer Life-ing It’s been a good, hard, long, rough, wonderful, awful month. That about sums it up pretty well. Someone in my family has been… Read more »

Five Magic Spindles

The day many have been waiting for with baited breath is finally here, and Rooglewood Press has announced the winners of the Five Magic Spindles contest! They also graciously listed the five runners-up in the contest, which is very cool. To the winners: a hearty congratulations! Bask in this moment, wrap it around yourself like… Read more »