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Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage O

I realized yesterday that my writing posts several days before they go live can come back and bite me a bit if I’m not careful. I HAVE emerged from the haze of editing! Huzzah! Of course, the morning (midnight) after I turned in Stone Curse, my 6 year old started throwing up, and then a… Read more »

Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage P

I have not quite emerged from the haze of editing, but I’m very close. It’s been a very busy, very focused month. On the day that I received the editor’s notes for my dear Stone Curse, I experienced a wash of emotions… and at the time I began to jot a few of them down, as… Read more »

Coming Up for Air

Yeah, I’m stealing Dorian’s title. It’s just that I honestly cannot think of a better one. Nothing else really describes this feeling. The picture says it all: I turned in Stone Curse last night!!!!!! And it feels like I’ve been living underwater, holding my breath for a really long time, and I just came up. And,… Read more »

More Editing Music

Speaking of editing… I’m still in the midst of Stone Curse. I finished the first go-through last week, which made me happy, because that was my goal. Now I am neck deep in the polishing – and working on getting the ending just right. Today’s post is just a short one to share a song… Read more »