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I know I’ve been absent. I haven’t been replying to my commenters, or reading my favorite blogs, or interacting much online at all. I haven’t disappeared, though. I’m still here. And I plan to catch up on the blog posts that are filling up my inbox, and continue responding to my lovely commenters when I… Read more »


Editing is one of those weird aspects of writing that can be either extremely tedious or incredibly fun. Editing is like building a house. Picture the outline as the architectural drawings. Then you have the plot and characters, which are the foundation. The very first bit of writing, the absolute rough draft, is like the… Read more »


Second Son is almost complete! Things That Have Been Checked OFF My To-Do List: Cut and paste entire text into correct page dimensions Change font Format chapter titles Format first letter of each chapter Make sure Tabs are correct (this is by far the most frustrating things Find and replace “All Right” typos Find and… Read more »