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Title Reveal and Realm Exploring

I’m still alive! Can’t wait to tell you all about our grand adventure when I have more than a couple of minutes. We’re almost to Wisconsin…. but that’s another post. Today, I am so excited to be featured over on Annie Douglas Lima’s blog for an episode of REALM EXPLORERS! Come read about the world… Read more »

Future Fairy Tales

Hello, dear Reader! I’m continuing my series of posts answering questions about Stone Curse or expounding on questions that were asked at the launch party. Today’s question is: Do you have any plans to write more fairy tale retellings? Will you ever return to the world of Stone Curse to write further stories? I have… Read more »

Names and Research

Today we’re continuing with answering questions that you have asked about Stone Curse and the Five Enchanted Roses contest. How did you come up with names for your characters? I get asked this a lot. I do quite a bit of searching for names, because I like my characters’ names to have meanings that reflect something… Read more »


Did you model any locations/events/characters in your story off of real locations/events/characters? I’m originally from the northern mid-west (Illinois/Indiana) and moved to the south approximately 9 years ago. Though I have come to appreciate and even like the south, my heart still longs for the cooler, northern climes of my childhood. Thus, the kingdoms of… Read more »