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Names and Research

Today we’re continuing with answering questions that you have asked about Stone Curse and the Five Enchanted Roses contest. How did you come up with names for your characters? I get asked this a lot. I do quite a bit of searching for names, because I like my characters’ names to have meanings that reflect something… Read more »


Did you model any locations/events/characters in your story off of real locations/events/characters? I’m originally from the northern mid-west (Illinois/Indiana) and moved to the south approximately 9 years ago. Though I have come to appreciate and even like the south, my heart still longs for the cooler, northern climes of my childhood. Thus, the kingdoms of… Read more »

Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage T

Welcome back, dear Reader! This week we’re discussing the stages of receiving editor’s notes. Like the stages of grief, these may not be experienced in the same order by every author, and not every author will experience every stage. Some authors may experience totally different stages. This is just me, and how I cope. I… Read more »

Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage U

This week I am discussing the stages of emotion an author may experience upon receiving editing notes on their story. Yesterday we talked about Outrage. Today we talk about stage 3:   U – Utter Despair This is like a super intense pity-party. This is the stage where the author throws up his or her hands… Read more »