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Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage T

Welcome back, dear Reader! This week we’re discussing the stages of receiving editor’s notes. Like the stages of grief, these may not be experienced in the same order by every author, and not every author will experience every stage. Some authors may experience totally different stages. This is just me, and how I cope. I… Read more »

Receiving Editor’s Notes: Stage U

This week I am discussing the stages of emotion an author may experience upon receiving editing notes on their story. Yesterday we talked about Outrage. Today we talk about stage 3: U – Utter Despair This is like a super intense pity-party. This is the stage where the author throws up his or her hands and… Read more »

Beauty and the Beast Playlist

I don’t always write to music. In fact, I almost never write my rough drafts while listening to music. When I’m drafting, I tend to stop and start so often, get up, act out the scene, try to get into the heads of my characters… wearing headphones would get annoying. I’d be hitting “pause” more… Read more »

Inspiring Images: Cabin

Time for another “inspiring images” post, dear Reader! Today’s image is one that has been near and dear to my heart for many years. I believe I first saw this at the Mall of America in the Thomas Kinkade gallery. I know a lot of people in the “art” world don’t like Kinkade, but I… Read more »