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Inspiring Images: Genesis

Today’s inspiring image is one that I have always thought was just super cool. I found it so long ago that I cannot remember where I first saw it. If you know who this is by, could you let me know so I can give them credit? Anyway, every now and then an image will… Read more »

Inspiring Images: Dragons

I think it is safe to say that I have a fondness for dragons. I love them dearly. I know that there are Christians who believe all dragons embody evil… or that they should, especially in fiction. But I think there is enough recorded in Scripture to prove that dragons could be good, evil, or… Read more »

Inspiring Images: Willow Trees

In my quest to find new ideas to write about here on the ol’ bloggity blog, I’m going to periodically share an image and write a little bit about why that image is important to me, or how it inspires me, or just a: “hey! I like this!” sort of moment. I may share excerpts… Read more »