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Beautiful Books: Novel Update

Pleased to be participating in the lovely Beautiful Books meme hosted by  Cait and Skye. And before the very end of the month, too! What? This month is focused on “how is the writing going?” So, since I’ve actually been getting rather a lot of writing done, though not Nano-numbers, I figured I’d grab the questions… Read more »

Update from Camp

Just wanted to pop in and give y’all an update from Camp Nanowrimo. This is the first year I’ve ever participated in Camp Nano, and it’s been a lot of fun! I’ve been in a “cabin” with a bunch of authors from the Clean Indie Reads group, so it’s been fun to see how everyone… Read more »

Reflections of a First-Time Nanowrimo-er

When I set out on my first national novel writing month endeavor this past November, I knew that I was going into it with no hope or chance of reaching the 50,000-word goal. We were heading out of town for vacation on the 17th and would be getting home the 27th. I assumed I would… Read more »

Nanowrimo Update

As of yesterday I hit seventeen thousand words on the story I’m working on for nanowrimo. Officially that means I am over a fifth of the way done (and, yes, about three thousand words behind schedule… already). I’ll see if I can make that distance up in the coming days, although the 50,000-word mark isn’t… Read more »