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Truly Blessed

I have been musing this past week or so about the blessings in my life. The one that came to mind the most often recently is the encouragement and support that I find myself surrounded by on every side. As I took part in the discussion boards for the writing contest I was struck by… Read more »

Tomorrow is a New Day

Or, rather, today is a new day. Yesterday was kind of a bummer on the writing front. I got cut from the contest at the pitch stage… which means I got cut based on a 300-word synopsis that was supposed to explain what my book is about and make people want to read more. I… Read more »

On Growing Up as a Writer – accepting rejection

This one is harder. Criticism at least means you got some feedback. The lists of the round 1 winners just came out, and my name isn’t on them. I’m ok. I’m actually a little relieved, because it means I don’t have to worry about the next key date. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to cry…… Read more »

What Readers Are Saying

Sometimes it’s nice to get reviews from people who have read your book. Just thought I’d share what readers are saying about “The Dragon’s Eye.” And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to either review my book at Amazon or left me feedback over on my createspace preview! *~*~*~* A… Read more »