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Poetry Corner: Kiernan’s Song

Welcome back to Poetry Corner Monday! Sorry I was quiet last week. Had some… rough stuff going on… In the vein of focusing on Kiernan Kane (my dad’s favorite character in my quadrilogy), here’s a song he sings in one of the books: (I believe it’s the third one, based on the date) Kiernan’s Song… Read more »

An Interview with Kiernan Kane

Taking a week off from Poetry Corner Monday… One of the groups I am in, Breakout Books, is doing character interviews. I thought this was a fun idea, so I joined the party. I thought I’d go ahead and post the interview here on my blog as well. Enjoy! (BB stands for Breakout Books, KK… Read more »

Freebie Friday

Another excerpt from my new project: Grayden’s Tale (which is just my working title) – it’s the same one I’ve been posting excerpts from for a while now… ****** The first rays of sunlight crept over the horizon, illuminating the thin layer of frost that covered the ground. Each blade of grass glistened in the… Read more »

Production Studio

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. And I thought I would go ahead and blog about it, for those of you who are interested in following my journey through publishing. I am sick of writing query letters. I haven’t written a ton, not as many as most authors, by far. But it… Read more »