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Midnight Misadventure Part 2

So, at midnight on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving morning, my cousins and I slipped away from the house and crept down the road. We knew that our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles had all come to expect this thing to happen, it was a very well known tradition, but it was more fun… Read more »

Poetry Corner: Some Dreams Do

Some Dreams Do 10-19-01 “Once upon a time…” Or so the story goes, And then in perfect rhyme The fairytale flows. To the beautiful, captive princess The perfect prince or knight Rides to save her from distress And everything ends all right. But “once upon a time” isn’t now, Not all tears end in laughter,… Read more »

Midnight Misadventure

Our hushed whispers seemed to ring out with deafening clarity in the cold, November night air. The barely suppressed giggles slashed through the sacred midnight silence. Along the street, darkened windows stared out at us from sleeping houses with grim, unblinking, and judgmental glowers.On the very edge of Michigan in a tiny town called Morenci,… Read more »

Poetry Corner: My Hideaway

I was perusing some older poetry I’d written (back in high school!) And I thought I’d share with you some of them. I’ll try to post Poetry once a week… if someone can think up a nice alliterative title for me that’d be awesome… the only thing I’m coming up with is “Metrical Composition Monday,”… Read more »