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Second Picture Story Saturdays

Alright, it’s about time someone posted on Saturday – even if nobody will read them because nobody reads blogs on Saturday – ! I’ve been working on a book that is a compilation of short stories for… oh… about 10 years now. Which is sad. Of course, in that time, I’ve also graduated college, gotten… Read more »

Freebie Friday

Here’s an excerpt from the revised version of King’s Warrior – coming soon to a bookstore near you (hopefully) Kamarie, Oraeyn, and Darby meet Yole for the first time in the Mountains of Dusk:      “What is your name?” she asked gently as she walked towards him with an outstretched hand.     The boy shrank from… Read more »

Making progress

But not on the book from which I posted an excerpt a few days ago. (Though I do plan to work on that this afternoon, if I can use little L’s nap to my advantage). Nope, I’m working on something else. It’s a writing project. It’s a surprise. And that’s all I’m going to say… Read more »

Form Rejection

“Please accept my apology for this form response, but the volume of mail received in my office makes a personal reply impossible. I have reviewed your material and it is not anything I wish to work with at this time. Thank you for the submission and I wish you the best of luck with other… Read more »