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Waking to Christmas

Merry Christmas, dear Reader! I pray you have a blessed day, and that the True Reason for Christmas awakens in your heart with a renewed hope and meaning this year. Grace and peace be with you, today and always. Waking to Christmas by Jenelle Schmidt There’s magic in the air, Frost upon the ground Love everywhere… Read more »


It is snowing here! For those of you joining us recently, you may not know this about me, but I absolutely love snow. I grew up in the midwest, and have been relocated for the past few years in the South, where I endure the weather most of the year… and it never snows quite… Read more »


Myth-Realm 2-6-01 The misty myth-realm                                    that is mired in mystery Haunts my dreams                                    in the darkness of day. Sunlight slivers down… Read more »


Maple Queen 2-12-02 When Autumn comes, she cries And her tears are crimson and gold, They drop to the frosty Earth And lie there in the cold. All through the long winter Months she stands Her arms are outstretched and frozen, Bony are her lovely hands, Deathlike, encased in crystal bands. But when the Spring… Read more »