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Poetry Corner: Kiernan’s Song

Welcome back to Poetry Corner Monday! Sorry I was quiet last week. Had some… rough stuff going on… In the vein of focusing on Kiernan Kane (my dad’s favorite character in my quadrilogy), here’s a song he sings in one of the books: (I believe it’s the third one, based on the date) Kiernan’s Song… Read more »

Poetry Corner: Dazzling Darkness

Dazzling Darkness 1-11-01 There is a darkness in my soul Where brightness used to flicker Left is just an empty hole That now grows dark and darker. The foaming, empty sea is full Of what confuses me Both deep and dark yet light and shallow Perhaps it holds the key. Emotions wash over my heart… Read more »

Poetry Corner: Some Dreams Do

Some Dreams Do 10-19-01 “Once upon a time…” Or so the story goes, And then in perfect rhyme The fairytale flows. To the beautiful, captive princess The perfect prince or knight Rides to save her from distress And everything ends all right. But “once upon a time” isn’t now, Not all tears end in laughter,… Read more »

Poetry Corner: My Hideaway

I was perusing some older poetry I’d written (back in high school!) And I thought I’d share with you some of them. I’ll try to post Poetry once a week… if someone can think up a nice alliterative title for me that’d be awesome… the only thing I’m coming up with is “Metrical Composition Monday,”… Read more »