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I know I was supposed to have a Meet the Character Monday with Kiernan Kane today… but last week was crazy and no pre-blogging got done. So, instead, I am including a little message from my adorable niece (she’s 5 months old, but apparently QUITE technologically savvy). Reesey’s Request…


For anyone who might be interested, I’m going to be doing a live interview with Brittany Jean tonight at 7pm Central Standard Time on Google Hangouts On Air. I’m not sure if you need an invitation to watch live (I don’t think so), but it will also be recorded and available on youtube after the… Read more »


I thought briefly about doing a 99 reasons post… then realized I would lose people’s interest… probably pretty quickly. So instead, I’m giving you 9 reasons to buy King’s Warrior in the next couple of weeks: 9. It has dragons in it. Who doesn’t love dragons? 8. There’s a magic sword with a really cool… Read more »


I must apologize, dear readers. I have finished reading the entirety of the short stories that make up the Battle of Ebulon, and I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to tell you that I cannot recommend it. When I went to download it and saw the warning that some parts may not… Read more »