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A Newsletter!

Good afternoon, dear Reader! I am sitting here in my home with the windows open so I can hear the rain pattering down onto the world below, and so that the slight autumnal breeze can cool my house. I am enjoying this beautiful glimpse of Fall, and decided to finally spend some time trying to… Read more »

Summer Ishness

Well, here I sit. Kind of reeling to discover that we’re already halfway through August already. What in the deep world? Thought I might take a minute to write up an Ishness post and let you all know what I’ve been up to this summer. (ishness is a monthly blog meme created by Deborah @… Read more »

Just an April Fool

April sped by so fast! I can’t even. How is it time for an Ishness post already? AND I completely forgot to do a Nightstand Post… AGAIN??? In my defense, I’m on vacation and shouldn’t be expected to remember what day of the week it is, let alone blog about stuff. However, I saw Deborah’s… Read more »