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Happy Halloween, dear reader! Today I’m participating in the “Childhood Chills” challenge. Please do click on THIS LINK to find a list of the other bloggers participating and read their stories as well! (clicking on the image below will take you to the post that listed the requirements for this exercise). Hope you enjoy my… Read more »


This is the rough draft (more like an outline) of a re-telling of a fairy tale I’m working on. I have a whole story in mind, but I needed to get some of the details down, so I started re-writing it in classic “fairy tale” style… as I figure I can add the details and… Read more »


Quite a few years ago I played around with the idea of a little dystopian world. Thought I would share a snippet from that story here… It had been a normal day, the day he lost himself. He had gotten up, washed, dressed, eaten a balanced breakfast at exactly 7:05am and had then walked the… Read more »