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If Wanting Were Enough

Whew! I almost didn’t think I was going to make my own deadline! But then I sat down to write and this little bit of ridiculousness flowed onto the pages with very little effort. It’s not terribly spooky, but I hope you enjoy it anyway… In other news, Happy Halloween, dear Reader! Check out our… Read more »

InterFiction Gazette

Hello and good morning, dear Readers! I have some very exciting news for you today! As it happens, I have recently been hired by the prestigious and well-respected journal known to one and all, far and wide, as the InterFiction Gazette!   What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! As one of their reporters,… Read more »

So You Wanna Win a Contest

Good morning, dear Reader. This week I thought I’d write a series of blog posts expounding on some of the questions that were asked at the Facebook Launch Party for Five Enchanted Roses. Dorian has already answered some of the questions that were asked in more detail, Savannah shared her dream cast and opened the floor for… Read more »

Stone Rose: and the writing process

Happy Halloween, dear Reader. Yesterday I told you about the things I don’t like about the Beauty and the Beast story. Today, I’m going to finally tell you what my version is about. I’m also going to let you sneak a peek through the window of my drafting process, as it were. Here were a… Read more »