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Short Story

Tomorrow, I will be posting a short story. I wrote it for a creative writing class I am taking, but I also wrote it because it is sort of like a prologue or background to the new novel I am working on. I hope you enjoy it!

The Mirror – Guest Writer

This is a story that I plan to work on soon. It’s an idea my brother gave me… he’s such a great writer. He wrote up a whole chapter to explain the idea he had. I’m looking forward to writing this story… but I’ve got to let the idea soak for a bit (and I… Read more »

Second Picture Story Saturdays

THE LAUNDRY CHUTE ADVENTURE: PART II “Oh come on, Gwenny! Please!” We chorused convincingly. “We promise we’ll be right behind you.”    “Cross your hearts and hope to die?” Gwenny glared at us fiercely, binding us to the deepest oath we knew.    We nodded and promised. After a few more moments of hesitation in order to… Read more »

Second Picture Story Saturdays

It’s time for another excerpt from SECOND PICTURE STORIES… The Laundry Chute It had been a long day, and eight little girls who should have been tired were being put in their pajamas and told to go to sleep. Our parents lined us up lengthwise on Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s four-poster bed, and left us… Read more »